October 26, 2010

Socks appeal

I've got a problem. I can never throw anything away. It doesn't matter how old and rubbish it's got, I always think that I can get a couple more wears out of it.

Normally I can't.

This affliction of mine comes to light when I'm running out of the house in the morning and I am delayed to the point of lateness by my inability to find a pair of socks without a hole in.

I don't know about you, but I hate spending money on socks. It just feels wasted. And the idea of sewing them up is just plain laughable. In my eyes, it's an inconvenience that I won't address until I absolutely have to.

We've all been there. You find, what appears to be your only clean pair of socks (never a matching pair) and annoyingly they have holes in them. I particularly hate it when the holes are located in just the right spot so that your poor toe spends the entirety of its day being cold and rubbing on the inside of your shoe.

The problem is that as socks are inevitably the last thing that you put on, you're in a rush so you have zero time to faff around trying to find another pair so you try and twist the sock where the hole is and tuck it in between your toes. It's as if you think that you can trick the sock into not knowing that it has the potential to aggravate you for the whole day.

This is not a solution and it just plain uncomfortable. I always find that the time that the makeshift solution takes to unravel is just about the amount of time it takes you to get far enough away from your house that you can't face going back.

This results in a day spent taking your socks off and trying to reposition them. It never works, no matter how you twist them and it's seriously irritating.

The strange thing is that i will spend the whole day being annoyed at the failure of my socks to do their one and only job and spend the whole day planning how i will remove them and burn them at the first opportunity because they have been so annoying. Instead, i get home, peel them off and think 'Oh, they'll do for one more wear'.

It's like i enjoy playing the 'find a hole free sock' game with myself and i don't even realise it. It's like my own, way more tame and much less risky version of Russian Roulette.

Living on the edge.

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