November 2, 2010

Dancing when we're old...

One thing that always makes me think when I'm out and about on an evening is how we, as a generation, dance on a night out.

I've been known to pull out a lunge or two and occasionally I like to revert to an old favorite,the robot,I'm surprisingly good. It seems nowadays that the more ridiculous a dance move the better.

This got me thinking, how are we going to dance when we're old? I love seeing older people take to the floor and actually dance to choreographed steps-it looks so classy.

What are we going to do when we're older? Bump and grind? It would be seriously dangerous to try and pull out 'the worm' at 70 and let's be honest, we're not exactly going to have the stamina for the running man.

If you take a step back from the dancefloor when you are out next and observe the kind of moves people pull out, I'm positive it will get you thinking too. Imagine all those people being in their 70's!

Gone are the romantic days when a gentleman would try and woo a potential love interest by showing off his cha cha cha or his foxtrot. Now guys think that all they have to do is stand way too close behind a girl and try and grind with her and they are in. Seems a bit lazy to me.

Imagine if guys are still trying this when we're old-think how embarrassed our kids will be.

I know that people of our era are good at breakdancing and hip hop but I doubt that even the most athletic members of 'Diversity' will still be able to perform backflips and spin on their heads when they're rocking a walking stick.

We're doomed. Dancefloors everywhere in 50 years time will feature a bunch of lunging, grinding, breakdancing pensioners. Now in my opinion that beats Streetdance 3D.

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  1. I just stumbled upon this while doing research for a creative aging organization. You have seriously made me smile this morning. So thank you, because I think these exact same thoughts every time I go out with my friends.