March 2, 2011

Home "Worker"

I dont know if any of you have ever worked from home but if you're anything like me then the term 'work' should be used lightly.

When i work from home, not much goes on. I literally become the most distracted person in the world. Sit me in an office, provide me with caffeine and i can concentrate the whole day long (aside from the obligatory facebook checks) and finish that to-do list which i dutifully write out every morning and work my way through. I scare myself with how productive i can be because i never thought i had it in me.

However, when i'm working from home i regress to the lazy student i once was. On days at home i would never dream of dressing in anything other than tracksuit bottoms, hoody and ironic fluffy slippers and in order to not be distracted by the TV i have to ensure that i don't look directly at it at any stage of the day otherwise my mind instantly wanders to the joys of daytime tv - which we all know is pretty damn joyful.

I think my inclination to laziness can be attributed to the comfiness of my sofa. My sofa is sent from heaven. Once you sit down any human being will find it hard to get back up again without feeling a deep sense of regret that their sitting experience is over. If any of you remember the cup-a-soup advert from yesteryear which featured a big, blue, fluffy cuddle monster that scurried around hugging people - well that is exactly what my sofa is like, apart from its not blue, or fluffy.

I manage to put away an insane amount during my days working from home. I can drink a lot of tea and coffee at the best of times but when at home i can drink pint after pint and then of course my fake working is interrupted at regular intervals with trips to the toilet and then after that, as i'm already up, i make another cup of tea. Its a hard cycle to break but atleast i'm hydrated.

I get really bored as well, even the allure of crossing things off my to-do list with multicoloured pens cant hold my attention. I find myself staring into space or out of the window or just wandering from area to area pondering life.

I hate cleaning but i would literally rather scrub that black hole down the side of my fridge that has never been cleaned than sit down and get to business on my work. If things aren't clean, i can't relax where as at weekends when nothing is expected of me, i can wallow in my own filth amongst the dishes and last nights pizza boxes and i feel nothing but joy that i can rest, safe in the knowledge that my flat is charmingly 'lived in'.

Anyway - my to-do list awaits and i'm sure that writing this would constitute a 'waste of time' so best be mature and act my 27 years and get back to it......maybe one more cup of tea first.


  1. i work from hom and my days usually consist of Pringles crisps, court tv, playing with dog, and if i'm lucky, a nap.

    i can feel myself getting fat and lazy as i type this.

  2. You just described my days perfectly. I also find washing and ironing a huge distraction instead of working!! Whats that all about??!?