October 21, 2010

It doesn't end there...

Sadly for me, my humiliation in front of celebrities doesn't end with Jason Orange. I appear to have a unique ability to do the exact opposite of what I should actually do in the situations that I find myself in. Let me explain....

I write a bit of showbiz news in the mornings. I love it. It means that I can unashamedly read all the gossip sites and not feel guilty because it's my job. You name it, I read it. My general rule is the trashier, the better. All hail Perez Hilton, now that dudes one hell of a bitch.

Anyway, as well as writing gossip I have to attend the odd party to weasel some info out of celebs direct from the horses mouth. I am not very good at this. I'm just not comfortable with asking celebs that I've only just met about their love lives. It's none of my business. This clearly isn't the right attitude for an aspiring showbiz journalist-hence why I'm not doing it full time!

I prefer to engage the celebs in a bit of banter to see what they are like. This can often result in me coming across as a little bit weird but hey, I'd rather be weird
than nosey. Unfortunately for me, this seriously lowers my prospects of finding a rich and famous husband.

One day I was at a launch of something or other in the penthouse of a swanky hotel in Mayfair and I had been sent there with the task of interviewing the Hollywood actor who was the face of the launch.

When my time came to snag him for a couple of questions I was already a few glasses of free champers in and was slightly overwhelmed by his floppy hair and posh accent, plus I hadn't really prepared any questions as, in my typical style, I was just planning on winging it. In hindsight, probably a mistake.

So I was ushered over to where he was standing and like I said he was VERY dashing. He proved his smooth superstarness by taking me by the hand and kissing it. At this stage, I truly understood the meaning of going weak at the knees. I know, so lame. I'm pathetic.

What happened next is up there with the most embarrassing moments of my life. When said Hollywood actor kissed my hand, I was so taken aback that some part of my brain took over and decided it was a good idea to kiss his hand in return.

God, it's even embarrassing to write it.

He looked at me in shock and said 'well that's certainly the first time any journalist has done that.'

I responded with 'I just wanted to make you to feel special' which, luckily for me, he found hilarious.

Despite kissing his hand, I kind of managed to salvage the situation. I was red faced throughout the interview and there was bemused crowd of fellow journalists standing around eagerly awaiting what i would attempt at the end of my interview, perhaps a curtsey...

The interview was pretty much a write off, he spent the whole time teasing me about my odd behaviour and we just discussed the weirdest things that journalists had done when meeting him. I was top of that leaderboard.

At least that's something to be proud of....


  1. lol- HOLY.SHIT. my jaw hit the floor when i read "it was a good idea to kiss his hand in return."

    who was this hollywood celeb?!?! inquiring minds want to know...

  2. uhhh...not sure i should divulge. Just think posh and floppy hair - who springs to mind?