February 3, 2010

For the love of Hommus....

I just ate a whole pot of hommus. Granted, it wasn’t a family size pot but it was still a 200g pot of something that definitely was not of the low fat variety. The weird thing is that I feel zero guilt. I feel pleased with myself. I think its because I think that I can justify it because its made with chick peas and surely they are good for you if they feature the word “peas”? Plus, I eat it with vegetables so therefore there can’t be anything wrong with it. Or can there?

There must be something wrong with thinking about it all morning long whilst I am at work. Worrying that I have enough left to satisfy my craving and buying maybe 5 pots a week. I have to go to different shops to buy it so that the cashiers don’t think that I am some kind of weird hommus junkie or that I am using it for some perverted reason like smothering it on myself and streaking down the high street or perhaps bathing in it. Come to mention it a hommus bath does sounds great – expensive though I imagine and I’m not sure that it would be too good for your hair.

Sometimes I find myself walking past the fridge and sneaking a peek inside just to make sure that it is there, that no-one else has touched it (god forbid – that would not be pretty and would at this stage probably involve tears) and that if I should get the hommus craving at around 4am – that there will be supplies readily available to me. Do you think that there is something wrong with me? I used to be like this with peanut butter – I would eat it by the spoonful. It got serious. Why is it that some foods do that to me? Honestly, if I could make myself some kind of alcoholic hommus drink kind of along the same lines as a Bloody Mary then that would definitely be my drink of choice. Think how well it would work with a stick of celery in it – absolute perfection.

My housemate always talks about how she would like an addiction but not to smoking or drugs because she’s tried that and they don’t agree with her so maybe I could suggest hommus. I am worried that if it happened then there would be serious competition under our roof which could potentially result in violence and nobody wants that. Especially because I think that she would kick my ass. Anyway – my hommus addiction isn’t really that interesting for you guys but I thought I’d write it down so that it could help me in my Hommus Anonymous session next week. If they have those. I’m going to Google it.


  1. Ooooh, hummus! (shall we argue about spelling? Nah). Anyway, I am obsessed with the stuff but it's almost impossible to get in Warsaw - I just recently found a natural food shop very close to our flat which sells it. I loaded up with FOUR containers of the stuff; the lady behind the counter looked (a) delighted at such a great sale yet (b) concerned. Maybe she thought I was going to smear it all over my body... which I totally would!

  2. i looked up the spelling of hommus because its different in england as well and apparently it is a highly contentious issue! I am confused so i went for the spelling which i liked the most! i am genuinely pleased for you that you found it! those weeks / months without it must have been hell! i feel your pain! i hope that the product is up to scratch?

  3. definitely eating all your hommus later.