January 28, 2010

Hatred isn't attractive but.....

I know that it isn’t attractive to hate anyone or to rant but everyone has to do it once in a while and I am awarding myself the opportunity to rant just this one time.

Okay, here goes. I HATE CHAD KROEGER. For those of you who don’t know – he is the lead singer of the totally awful band that is Nickelback. Actually I shouldn’t discriminate – I hate the whole band. He is just a face to match to the hatred. Now, when I was living in England I didn’t experience this kind of emotion towards Chad and his evil clan because no-one really listens to Nickelback - we are sane in England and we appreciate good music. I don’t think that I was forced to listen to Nickelback anytime after their first single which I will graciously admit that I kind of didn’t mind.

I can safely say that I forgot about them entirely but since I moved to Australia I have been forced to listen to them upwards of 4 times a day. This is totally excessive in anyone’s book surely. I mean – does anyone need to listen to any song 4 times a day? Especially a rock / pop ballad sung by a gravelly voiced Canadian with a bleached blond perm and a goatee. I mean who has a goatee in 2010 and honestly – get a haircut. Surely you have to be an actual rock star to be allowed to have long hair over the age of 30?

Obviously due to my hatred I practically attack the radio every time that one of their songs comes on but they are honestly unavoidable. One day, I changed the channel to avoid them and low and behold on the next channel was Nickelback too. It was like they were following me telling me that if I didn’t just accept that I have to listen to them then I should give up and live in a box because they are here to stay. It was a bad day for me.

It seems to me that every song that they sing is about dying or what would happen if we died. Talk about depressing. Can’t we just enjoy a good melody and a happy message? Why so morbid all the time Nickelback? If you are so obsessed with death then why not just go ahead and die already.

Okay – I have taken a deep breath and realised that it is time to bring this rant to an end because although I don’t like them it seems that a lot of people (none of whom will I ever be friends with) like them. It’s one of life’s mysteries that I will never understand and despite the therapeutic qualities of getting it off my chest – essentially they win because they are millionaire rock stars and they probably have massive houses and I like to think – talking dogs. Surely all rock stars have talking dogs. Its one of the first things that I would get.


  1. aw surely this hatred is just blown out of proportion, don't you think? I don't hate Nickleback and I don't really mind them either, but since I want to be in your good blogger-buddy-list, I'll refrain from saying anything more about the matter. =P

    As for talking dogs, they're so adorable! Don't you think? I've watched a youtube clip on Mishka or something. It's the name of the dog. She's cute.

  2. you need to watch 'UP" the disney movie. All the dogs talk and it is AMAZING!!!

  3. You obviously haven't heard their songs (yes, the plural was intentional) about their dying talking dogs.

  4. i'll be sure to look it up immediately!

  5. I have one website for you. it sums up my whole view of nickelback :)

  6. I feel this way about Obama. I don't think his dog talks, thank goodness.

  7. OK, so the weirdo is Chad Kroeger. I couldn't recognize him until the part of goatee in 2010....:)

    Maybe these guys are peeping from your radio. Make it worse for them. Poke them in the eye, so that they don't spy on you.... lol

    Now, that is one band I would never listen to. "Dying" theme in a song? - Hilarious

  8. I feel your pain. How about a talking dog WITH a goatee? Or a Canadian singing dog perhaps?
    LJP (Melbourne)

  9. LJP - both of those options are fantastic and if they were possible i would snap them up. If dogs can talk then i am sure that they can grow goatees. Excellent

  10. Normally I vehemently defend bands from my home country - it's a requisite as a Canadian, I think - but I admit to being a bit stumped by these guys. Ummmm. Well. Changing the subject - we gave the world Sarah McLachlan and Leonard Cohen. Though I am sorry about Celien Dion.