January 27, 2010

I'm so cool...

Anyone out there been caught dancing in front of the mirror? I have. Twice. Needless to say it was equally embarrassing both times and could in no way be ignored by any parties involved.

The first time I was 18 and was dancing and singing (word perfectly I might add) to N’sync. My Dad wasn’t that impressed with my musical knowledge and pretended that he hadn’t seen me. We’ve never spoken of that day. Thank god. Although maybe he could have given me some tips on my dance moves.

The second time I was 21. I don’t know what I was dancing to but it was witnessed by my very recently new boyfriend and he was pretty excited about telling everyone that we knew what had just happened. I think that the move that he actually witnessed was me “brushing off my shoulders” as though I was in a rap video. I was getting ready to go out and obviously decided that I needed a pre-night out dance in front of the mirror just to practice. I caught him watching in the reflection. He was laughing like you laugh when you are in a lesson at school and you find something hilarious but you can’t laugh out loud because you would get in trouble and so you just sit there and silently shake whilst it becomes funnier and funnier. You forget why you’re laughjng but you know that you can’t emit a single sound. Tears and sometimes snot are involved. Well this is how he was laughing. I was mortified. I did foil his plan to embarrass me in front of our peers though. I marched right on it to where everyone was and told them. They laughed, made me do the dance move and then moved on. Pretty painless surprisingly as there was definitely pouting occurring to accompany the dance moves.

I reckon that the fact that they forgot about it so easily was because everyone does it. I mean everyone. Can you honestly say that when you have been in your room and you’ve got your favourite song on that you haven’t mouthed along with the words? If you haven’t then you are missing out and you are denying yourself a basic human pleasure. Surely if you are getting ready in front of the mirror already then a little singing along isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Don’t deny yourself. It’s like being in your very own music video. AKA awesome. Just a quick tip though – if you are going to do it when someone else is in the house – maybe make sure that the door is shut and that the music isn’t so loud that you can’t hear knocking or someone entering. Just a thought…

For your information - the photo featured is an example of the kind of moves that i pull when rocking out. Don't ask who the guy is - he didn't like me.


  1. some time i do it when i am alone but few years back me and my sister did this and had unforgettable fun we made our mom to do the same it was sweet moment thanks for sharing it best of luck for each wish of yours dear

  2. wow, you were dancing to the sounds of Nsync too! I know I did, and plus more to the sounds of Backstreet Boys. Yeah, everybody does it, but getting caught in the middle of your own play-pretend-you're-one-popstar will forever shock you with the pain oh the pain of embarrassment! At least for a while, and then you get to write this kind of post, to amuse people. I know I was amused. Nice one, Amy.

  3. Shanaz you have drawn my attention back to the Backstreet Boys. Those were the days. I am going to go and download their greatest hits IMMEDIATELY

  4. Ooooh, embarassing! But I'll go one farther: I was caught rocking out to (oh God, oh God, I am actually going to confess it!) BELINDA CARLISLE!! Remember 'Heaven Is a Place on Earth'? Yeah. The shame!