January 23, 2010

False advertising....

So I was wandering around my local supermarket today and I came across this sign. “Entertaining Dips’. Wonderful. Here I was expecting to have a normal boring trip to the supermarket where I bought vegetables and fish when realistically I wanted to buy biscuits and peanut butter to spread on them but here I was being offered entertainment by these dips! I wandered over but there was no entertaining going on as far as I could see. I was expecting maybe a French Onion Can-Can or a Homous mime act but they were just sat in their pots doing nothing much at all. Boring. As a last resort – I turned to Taramasalata – arguably the most entertaining dip, expecting maybe a little juggling or fire swallowing but no such luck. “Entertaining dips?” Pah. False flaming advertising if you ask me!

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