January 11, 2010

Best job title EVER!!!!

So recently I heard that the word for ‘mayor’ in German is Burgermeister. Now, frankly – this is one of the best things that I have heard in a while. I’ve never really had much interest in local politics, let alone local politics in a country that I have never visited but suddenly I’m interested. Not too worried about the language barrier – if all german words are as cool sounding then I’m sure I’ll remember them all. This is just the career direction that I needed. Finally. Don’t think anyone will be smirking when I hand them my extremely important looking, gold plated business card with ‘Burgermeister’ written on it. Maybe ‘Burgermeister’ could be written in italics …oh who knows. The possibilities are endless.

 I don’t think that there would be any need to have any contact details on it because almost certainly everyone would know where to find the ‘Burgermeister’. I’d be the Mack frickin Daddy. From what I can tell as well, the title doesn’t even require any knowledge of meat products but just to make sure I would make sure that I read up on it.

I honestly think that this is the best job title in the entire world – if you have heard any better feel free to let me know about it. I wont hold my breath. 

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