November 18, 2009

World's Most Stupid Tattoo?

Today whilst wandering through Kings Cross I noticed a chap who had a tear drop tattoo under his eye. This got me thinking. As far as I know – a tear drop tattoo represents the fact that you have murdered someone. I apologise if my facts are wrong. Why oh why – if you had murdered someone would you want to openly admit it to the world? Surely this would indicate your guilt and you would no doubt be incarcerated forever! I know that it can make you look big and tough but seriously – in this case – who’s the one laughing?

The way I see it – man commits crime, hides from police, police don’t know who did it, man thinks its cool to get tattoo on face, police go “ah, he has a tattoo on his face which he didn’t have before the murder” – GUILTY! What happened to criminals laying low and trying to avoid the Feds after committing murder? Surely that would make more sense. And I cant help but think that there would be no chance in getting off if you were caught:

“Are you guilty of murder?”
“Then why do you have that tattoo on your face which means you killed someone”,
“Oh yeah, shit”.


I mean even if you weren’t guilty of the crime in question it would be clear that you had already broken the law and they had just missed it! Thus you would be contributing to your own downfall – a massive error.

Now, obviously I’m not going to go around preaching to gang members about how bad their actions are but in this case this just seems to be a ‘lose – lose’ situation. It looks bad, you get caught for murder and imprisoned for life and you’re left with a shit tattoo which is responsible. I bet their Mothers are so proud!

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