November 30, 2009

A Sticky little shop....

Ok, I know that this isn’t big or clever and it is in no way a mature post to pop on here but I feel that it should be shared.

This is a shop which I walk past every day on my way to work. Jizz Fashion. I had walked past it day after day oblivious to it and then one day I saw a huddling gaggle of teenagers laughing and taking photos on their mobile phones. “Louts” I thought to myself, “bloody teenagers” and then I caught sight of the sign! It made me chuckle, and soon I too had my mobile phone out, was taking pictures and sending them to my friends who I knew would appreciate it! Yes, I can confirm that I am 26.

I mean, who would name their store “Jizz Fashion”. Surely there are a few zillion other possibilities which would be more appropriate. Surely the name doesn’t help to sell clothes. I considered whether or not to be a Good Samaritan and inform the clothes shop owners and then I pondered that perhaps it is their family name and despite the ridicule decided to name the shop after themselves to show what they had achieved. Hence I walked out feeling very ashamed. I must add that I checked to see whether the clothes had ‘Jizz’ labels in them (negative) and there was unfortunately nothing with the name across it. Disappointing – although I’m not really sure of an occasion where I would be able to wear the t-shirt. Certainly not Sunday dinner.

On further investigation I have concluded that the owners of the shop are in fact super intelligent. They name it something controversial and people come from everywhere to see it and potentially buy something whilst they are there as a souvenir from the Jizz Shop. I for one an mighty impressed with their thinking.

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