April 15, 2010

Is 26 that old?

So today I had my first realisation that I am getting old. It wasn’t pretty. I’ve been getting grey hair for a while now – I’m doomed, my parents are both very grey haired and have been for a long time and my brother, who is only a couple of years older than me, is what he likes to call “a silver fox”. Well, that’s a matter of opinion! For me then, it’s only a matter of time. The thing with grey hair is that you can pull it out, pout for half and hour and then get on with your life. My realisation was not as easy to shake off. The problem? Justin Bieber!

Now is it just me or is this “pop sensation” actually only 12? I admit that he is cute – in a kind of Chip and Dale Chipmunk way - but he is surely nowhere near old enough to be singing about love and the like – what would his Mother say if she knew that he was getting up to mischief with girls? Isn’t that illegal?

Shouldn’t he be frolicking around on his scooter or maybe building a tree house with his mates? Surely he shouldn’t be giving girls sexy looks and twirling around on those shoes which clearly have wheels (very obviously dangerous) all whilst wearing clothes that are way too big!

One thing that I do like about him is that he has very well blow dried hair – its all feathery and well looked after which makes me feel confident that his Mum did it for him and is clearly enforcing the rule that you shouldn’t leave the house with wet hair or you will get a cold. He also has very clean teeth. His parents are clearly enforcing the majority of the important rules.

One thing that i have observed is that it seems as though every photo that i found of him involves him swearing at me! (See above) So his parents are good at stopping him get a cold but when it comes to teaching him basic manners they're not doing such a good job.

I am well aware of how old this makes me sound but I’m only 26 which means that I should be still allowed to enjoy a bit of cheesy pop music and be allowed to fancy the singers. People like Justin Bieber are making this hard! This Bieber dude looks like my little brother – only without the inevitable grey hair!

The thing I’m worried about is that recently I have found myself singing along to his songs – it’s like this 16 year old who looks 8 is following me around. I’m fighting it but I’m sure that soon I’ll probably buy the t-shirt! Well if I’m going grey I’ll just have to fight it by liking totally inappropriate pop music.

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