February 10, 2010

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

So a friend of mine just informed me that this week is "Doppelganger Week". Whatever will they think of next! Anyway, in aid of this, i popped to the website below and whacked in a particularly attractive photo of me to see just who i look like. Do it. Follow the link below, it's really easy.

Now, my method was this. I put a photo of me pulling a stupid face hoping to get some funny responses. I even wore some fake elf ears which i bought when i dressed up as Peter Pan - you can just about see them if you look hard enough. This is the beauty of the fake elf ears. They just kind of pop out from behind your hair so if you blink you will miss them. They have provided me with endless entertainment so i would definitely recommend buying some. I used to wear them at work to try and freak out colleagues when i should have been concentrating on work and i even wore them on public transport to gauge peoples responses. I made a couple of kids cry and think that i sexually excited a few passing nerds. That was entirely unintentional.

Anyway, my intention was to get funny responses and instead i get told that i look like arguably some of the hottest women in the world. Now, you may think that i should be happy about this but i cant be because the fact still remains that i put a picture of me pulling a stupid face so to in fact look like these people i would have to pull that face the whole frickin time. This is not something that i am willing to do. Ask me to wear the elf ears to look like them and happy days - i would do it in a heartbeat and i'd enjoy it.

There is one that i am especially pleased about and that is Cher. Now, it may just be a rumour but i heard she maybe had a touch of plastic surgery? This still doesn't bother me. Cher totally rocks. Who else can dress in lingerie and ride a massive canon in front of hundreds of sailors and still be cool? Also, she stars in the film 'Mermaids' which is a totally unrecognised classic! I'm proud to look like her - plastic surgery and all!

So this is my dilemma. I could walk around looking like boring old me who had very little interesting lookalikes or i could pull a stupid face, wear fake elf ears and look like Cher. Simple decision if you ask me.


  1. You have to be one of the most hilarious blogger I have come across. Oh wait, you knew that already. Urgh. Seriously, you're looking great Amy, and even with a strange-looking pulled face. Cher huh. I wonder if she's ever going to make a new album. Hehe. I do enjoy her song, "Strong Enough." I hope that's the correct title, though.

    I bet you feel like twisting your face up, right now. Wow, that's hot! =D

  2. I think you look like a Jennifer Garner styled like Shakira, because Jennifer does he more natural thing, but your makeup is more Shakira. I do think you look a bit like each of them though.


  3. Ha! Loves it!

    I vote for the stupid face and the elf ears and being mistaken for Cher. Hands down!