November 7, 2009

What the .....?

I’ve been living in a hostel now for coming up to 2 months. Its good in some ways – there are always people around to have a drink with and you get free breakfast. Its bad in every other way. Me and my boyfriend sleep in separate bunk beds and have to wave to each other before we go to sleep, I share a bathroom with what seems like 100 other people who leave suspicious items in the shower such as disgarded plasters and tampon wrappers and there is zero privacy. Did I mention that I have to sleep in a bunk bed? Yeah – it aint pretty.

Well, I believe that the final straw came the other night. I had consumed several beverages on a Saturday evening but was still compus mentus enough to brush my teeth. Whilst doing so, I bumped in to a crazily drunk german girl who resembled the ghost who lives in the toilet in Harry Potter. Google it. Her name is Moaning Myrtle. She was shit faced and was telling me how drunk she was. I gave her some water and wisely advised her to go to bed. Pleased with myself that I had been such a good Samaritan I popped to the toilet before bed. When I came out of the toilet – said drunk German girl was using my toothbrush. I’ll say it again so that there is no mistaking what actually happened! She was! Can you bloody believe it. I mean, is nothing sacred? A total and utter stranger cleaning her mouth with my toothbrush. Yuck.
Obviously, I was a tad pissed off so I snatched it off her. Asked her kindly what the hell she thought that she was doing and told her that I would remember her and make her buy me a toothbrush. In hindsight, maybe I was a tad aggressive but Jesus Christ – my toothbrush!?

I awoke in the morning still alarmingly angry and proceeded to search for her in the hostel. I found her and when we caught each others eye she immediately started shaking with fear. How could I possibly accost her now and demand a new toothbrush? She was quite honestly the most bookish looking person that I have ever met and I am sure that if I had approached her people would have thought I was picking on the hostel geek. I couldn’t say anything now. My moment was gone. So much to my parents delight, we are now looking for alternative accommodation. I mean what has the world come to when someone steals your toothbrush? So this is what has led me to the end of my time in hostels oh yeah, and the fact that I found out the guy in the room next to me smokes crack. Wow.

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