January 20, 2010

I saw the sign....Part 4

Now this poster is so intriguing it actually upsets me everyday that I didn’t give Andrew a bell. Just think what wonderous things “The Adventure Club” would get up to. I don’t know what it would involve but I like to imagine that they ride around the jungle on the backs of wild animals like cheetahs and zebras and there are definitely bows and arrows involved. Only problem is that there definitely aren’t any cheetahs or zebras on Phi Phi. I wonder whether when you join you get a t-shirt / baseball cap combo with “The Adventure Club” on it. That would be a great incentive for new members if the poster weren’t enough. Those few sentences in Thai are just teasing me. Why write the title in English and then the rest in Thai – its just mean. Maybe that’s one of “The Adventure Clubs” adventures – baffling English tourists. Wow the fun they must have! Sigh. If only I had my own Adventure Club. Its another thing to add to the ‘To-Do List”.

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