October 14, 2009

The Evil Ticket Machine of Sydney!

I have made an observation recently about the ticket machines in Sydney’s train system. They are evil. All seems ok initially but as soon as you have reached your final destination you a cruelly informed that your ticket has been taken hostage. Big green mean letters inform you “TICKET CAPTURED”.

Now this seems a little bit harsh – why capture my ticket? What did the ticket do to you? Surely you can just be informed politely that your ticket has gone to a better place – ticket heaven but oh no…its ‘captured’. The poor bloody ticket – just think how many times in its ticket life it gets captured. It must just get released from captivity and then immediately be taken prisoner again. The tickets must be nervous wrecks bless em... sounds like they need a holiday.

I cant help but wonder what kind of evil monster would want to capture train tickets – surely there are bigger capturing plots that would prove more fruitful. I mean I don’t imagine that the tickets all have rich ticket parents who will be able to fork up for the ransom. Maybe there are some tickets who come from rich families where they can afford gold plated writing but I imagine that the majority of tickets are just as humble as the common man. Alas though the evil ticket machine that captures them doesn’t appear to discriminate.

I think I have problems – at least I don’t live every day in fear of inevitably being captured. I’m going to ensure that in this life I am good so that I am not reincarnated as a train ticket and I suggest that you do the same.

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